Sonoran Tortilla Cooking Class


Learn about Sonoran style flour tortillas using White Sonora Wheat, one of the oldest surviving wheat varieties in North America. Enjoy a meal inspired by the Asaderos found in Northern Mexico. Grilled whole chicken over mesquite, slow cooked ranchero beans, mesquite scented salsa roja, grilled seasonal vegetables, and flour tortillas. Dinner will be served with a dessert and an agua fresca drink.

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This is a hands-on class to learn how to make and cook tortillas so that you may enjoy making your own tortillas at home with and for your family and friends! Multiple methods of making tortillas will be taught and participants will receive recipes along with wheat variety info and history. Chef Brenda and her husband Jorge also hand make beautiful tortilla presses which can be ordered at the class.

Class will be held outside on our farm in in our open outdoor kitchen. Necessary precautions will be in place to ensure appropriate social distancing and current Covid safe protocols will be in place. Participants are encouraged to register in groups of two or more. Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.

Date: July 25, 2021

Start time: 4:00 p.m.

End time: 7:00 p.m.

Venue: Long Table Farm – 89242 Fir Butte Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 503-333-9042


About the Instructors

Pastry Chef Brenda Patron of Noisette Pastry Kitchen, featuring Chefs Michael Landsberg and Tobi Sovak

Brenda Patron, Chef and Pastry Chef at Noisette Pastry Kitchen
After a year of moving back to her home state, Arizona, Brenda came back with a craving for learning Sonoran style tortillas. With her baking background and wheat knowledge she has developed a thin, soft, pliable yet chewy tortilla that she hopes pays homage to her childhood.

Tobi Sovak & Michael Landsberg, Chefs and Owners of Noisette Pastry Kitchen
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