Watercolor with Wandering Palette


Join Sabrena Annelle from Wandering Palette for an unforgettable experience at Long Table Farm. Sabrena will share with you history of our area, information on botany as well as offering you new skills and techniques for creating your own watercolor!

Students will dine on a delicious lunch from our outdoor kitchen paired with beverage from our fine valley.  Menu will be wood fired pizza with a bountiful garden salad. (Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.) 

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About the Instructor

Hi! My name is  Sabrena Annelle and I am a local artist here in Eugene, OR. I am grateful to live in such an inspiring environment. I look forward to sharing views, skills and history of this majestic place.

Art has always been integrated in my life. I obtained a B.F.A. in painting/fine arts from Pratt Institute in 2009 and have been painting all over the world ever since. I enjoy sharing the elation of art, nature and history with all willing to seek new perspectives.

My business, Wandering Palette offers a unique service that I feel is greatly needed. We not only just give tours of Eugene, OR, we include a chance to paint and enjoy the moments outdoors. Creating memories while learning all at once. 

Class Details

This Wandering Palette Class will be held outside at Long Table Farm. Please arrive to the farm with your mask on. Necessary precautions will be in place to ensure appropriate social distancing. We will all enjoy a lunch together, prepared with local and seasonal ingredients and cooked in the woodfired oven. Tables will be distanced from each other and all participants will wear their masks except for when dining.

Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.

Date: May 15, 2021

Start time: 1:00 p.m.

End time: 4:00 p.m.

Venue: Long Table Farm – 89242 Fir Butte Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 503-333-9042

Email: eva@longtable.farm





I would give the hike and painting five stars! My favorite part of the hike was learning about all the different types of edible plants. Ms. Sabrena knew so much about the park and all the plants there. I thought I knew a lot about edible plants, but she taught me so much! I really liked that I got to pick what I painted. I am not really a painter but Ms. Sabrena was really nice and helped me learn new techniques. I was glad we tried this.



I thought the hike and painting were really fun. I liked getting to know more about edible plants. During painting, I liked being able to get messy and have fun! Ms. Sabrena taught me how to use different things to paint with like sponges! I think people should do this more often! It was really really fun, thank you for letting us do it!



I had so much fun painting! Ms. Sabrena had these super cool cases with all the materials. I really like oak trees and Ms. Sabrena knew a lot about them too! It was fun talking with her.



The hike was really beautiful, and it was good exercise! My favorite part was when Ms. Sabrena told us about all the edible plants. I was surprised how many yummy plants there were. Ms. Sabrena also taught us about the dangerous plants which will help me stay safe. I know that I can’t touch poison oak or eat the purple flowers. I loved the painting time! Ms. Sabrena taught me how to mix different colors, I didn’t know that before. I got to paint a beautiful waterfall and rocks with blossoms. I would really want to do this again!



This week I took my small Pod on a field trip with Wandering Palette. I was absolutely blown away by Sabrena’s fun yet professional nature. Her knowledge of Eugene’s history and local flora and fauna peaked not only the children’s interest but mine as well. Right away, Sabrena memorized all six children’s names and happily called on them throughout our time. She was playful and so fun to be around. She quickly learned my group was interested in edible plants. She changed her program to include all the edible and non-edible plants. Sabrena also made sure to take all of the safety measures to ensure the kids were safe during the hike and around others. I noticed later she brought along a first-aid kit, which is great in case you forgot yours. She took COVID safety very seriously!  The kids could not stop talking about everything they learned on the way home. All of the kids asked to go back and take Sabrena’s class again. I am so thankful for this fun and safe time! Not all the kids are generally into art or nature, but Sabrena made both so fun that all the kids enjoyed every second! I would highly recommend taking her tour!


This girl (Sabrena) has a wonderful, funny, spirited way of sharing her passion.
This tour is informative yet fun. It gives one the opportunity to at once get in touch with ones inner self, ones inner child, ones heart, and ones body.

And I couldn’t stop smiling the entire tour!


Mohamed A.

Personally not much of a painter but regardless, I really enjoyed this tour with all that I learnt on it. Sabrena taught us many interesting facts about the area along our beautiful walk by the San Miguel river. The site she had selected for us to paint at was breathtaking and gave us a very good selection of scenes to paint with picture worthy views in every direction. After she gave us a rundown on the basics of watercolor painting, I felt more prepared to create a painting of my own which ended up turning out pretty good considering it was my first time using watercolors! Sabrena was very helpful and supportive when anyone on the tour had questions, and it made the less experienced painters like myself more comfortable with what we were doing. I recommend this tour to anyone looking to learn really cool facts about Tellurides rich history and unique geography, while also getting to paint the beautiful scenery Telluride has to offer.


Frank O.

I have taken countless small group excursions of all types and this one is as unique as its setting in Telluride. Sabrena is utterly and naturally apt at wearing both the hat (and she actually does wear quite a hat!) of a seasoned tour guide, starting us out in the center of town and bringing the old buildings and streets to life with the stories of what occurred there in the days of the actual Wild West, and then donning the hat of an artist and naturalist as she switches us to a lower gear and we enter nature and begin to follow the San Miguel River to our painting site. When we arrive, everything is set up for our outdoor art experience and each guest has a comfortable safari chair and a full portable watercolor kit to create with. Sabrena then offers a brief but thorough lesson on the basics of watercolor and how to look at the beautiful landscape around us. For me, this was my favorite part of all, when everybody settled in and quieted down to gaze closely at the marvels of color and texture around us, and then try our best to capture it on paper. The ninety-minute painting time was my favorite, and that time flew by as I felt I was nearly meditating on the spot, absorbing and recording the beauty in a way that no damn selfie ever could. All too soon it was time to head back, taking with us only our paintings and the feeling that in our own lives we must absolutely try to make time for this sort of experience again.


Kent B.

Had a great time! Learned more about the town I live in and experienced a new way to appreciate the beauty we are surrounded by.


Kara G.

I had a lovely time on this tour with Sabrena! She is very knowledgeable about the town of Telluride and the area surrounding it and gave a great lesson on watercolors(if you need it) to help boost our confidence when it was time for us to begin our paintings. One of my favorite things about Telluride is the river, so taking a walk along it and sitting beside it to paint was the perfect way to spend a morning. The whole area, of course, is picturesque so anywhere you look there is a beautiful scene or greenery to paint. Sabrena was a great guide and teacher, is very passionate about helping people learn, and she is happy to help you along if you need it, while reminding you that it’s YOUR painting, so it can be whatever you want it to be. I highly recommend this tour to anyone at any skill level, and don’t be afraid to let the paintbrush lead you where it may!<


Jess W.

I’ve lived in Telluride for 3 years, and Sabrena taught me so many new things about the history of this town! She is so knowledgeable and eager to share. I’m not much of a painter, but with the basic techniques that Sabrena taught us, I felt confident in trying to paint the beautiful scenery that Telluride has to offer. I would recommend this tour for families, couples, solo travellers, artists, and non artists: it’s a great activity for everyone!


Joe L.

I had a wonderful time walking around Telluride learning about the rich history of this small valley from the native history of the Ute people, the mining surge, to the present day. Sabrena also knows a lot about the natural history of the area and the flora and fauna that live here. Our tour eventually led to a spot next to the San Miguel River where the painting supplies were set up facing up valley towards the mountains. It was great to learn so much more about a town I’ve been around for so long and end the tour by painting a scene from the valley. I definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is new to town.


Ivy M.

This mini painting adventure was a blast. Not only did Sabrena provide wonderful materials for our use (beautifully hand-made painting boxes that make painting plein air SO much easier!) but she also showed us how chalk full of Telluride history she is! The first half of the experience was where she showed this knowledge. We walked around Telluride and learned all sorts of amazing historical facts about this lovely town. This totally fostered a greater sense of connection with the place, and then we got to paint it! Anyone would have a blast hanging out with Sabrena for an afternoon, from those who have been painting for years to those who have never painted.


Shauna L.

This was an experience that I would tell anyone who is a tourist in Telluride, to book a tour with Sabrena, and enjoy the wild and fun facts on Telluride. The walk through town was really nice and helpful as the tour girl pointed out the history about the town. The tour ended with a wonderful water color session. It doesn’t matter if you are not familiar with water colors ( like me ? ), Sabrena makes all those fears go away. Today was a good day : )


Dani L.

A very informative tour of a town I’ve lived in for a year. Everything Sabrena had to say was a new piece of information I learned about the town. She had a beautiful set-up for us along the river overlooking the mountains to paint the landscape, and although I’m not much of a water color painter I still walked away with a beautiful painting.


Jeffrey L.

Sabrena was wonderful in both her knowledge of the history of Telluride and provided a fun, inclusive painting experience. Our walk down main street provided much more knowledge than I could’ve imagined from a walking tour, making this a great option for people interested in the history of Telluride. Afterwards, we were able to head to the river for a nice period of time to try out some watercolor painting. Sabrena did a phenomenal job at introducing the basics of watercolors, which are much more difficult than one may believe. She was patient and understanding in helping both myself and others throughout the painting process. While painting we were able to find a sense of calmness in Telluride, which is unparalleled from my perspective. I would definitely suggest the wandering palette to anyone, both beginner and advanced, interested in having a guided experience painting in the beauty of Telluride.


Michael S.

Had such a great time being shown Telluride and told about all it’s deep history by Sebrena! She is such an amazing well of knowledge and passion it’s impossible not to have a good time out there. Painting was a great time too I hadn’t sat down and tried to do anything artistic in 8 years. It was great to have such a positive and skilled teacher to back me up through the process. The spark of creativity I gained through this experience is definitely something I’ll be carrying with me for years to come!