West Indian Cooking- Buccaneer Chicken


Isaiah Martinez will share the art of traditional West Indian barbecue by teaching how to make Buccaneer chicken, a flavorful spiced and grilled dish named after the word bucane which means smoke. Turns out, that’s where the word pirate comes from as well! Students will learn how to use live fire and coals to cook a variety of meats, protein and seasonal produce. Students will dine on a delicious lunch in our outdoor kitchen. There might also be punch. (Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.)

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About the Instructor

With family from Puerto Rico and Grenada, Isaiah is a third generation American. Raised in Crown Heights, New York City, Isaiah’s first taste of cooking was in high school, when to get out of algebra he took a culinary track that eventually led him to San Francisco and a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and management from The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. While studying, he honed modern and classical cooking techniques by working with many notable chefs in San Francisco and Oakland. With equal enthusiasm, he began researching and travelling to understand regional cooking, a natural segue to Slow Food and farm-to-table cooking. Isaiah came to Eugene to continue collaborating.  Isaiah is inspired by his Afro-Caribbean background and developed Yardy Eugene in that spirit.


Demo will be held in an open, outdoor kitchen. Please arrive to class with your mask on. Necessary precautions will be in place to ensure appropriate social distancing. Tables will be distanced from each other and all participants will wear their masks except for when dining.

Participants are encouraged to register in groups of two or more. Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be registering with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.

Date: April 11, 2021

Start time: 11:00 a.m.

End time: 02:30 p.m.

Venue: Long Table Farm – 89242 Fir Butte Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 503-333-9042

Email: eva@longtable.farm