Spoon Carving, an Introduction to Working with Greenwood 8/21


August 21, 2021 – 10AM- 4PM

Hands-on! Learn the art of whittling a spoon from a branch. Carving a spoon opens a door into traditional, sculptural wood-craft, from toys to bowls to chairs to houses. Primary tools are knives, saw, and hatchet (all provided; some will be available for sale). Our material will be local, freshly harvested green wood.

We’ll focus on knife skills, technique, and awareness so that everyone can get comfortable with very sharp tools — all of which are essential for success in all kinds of woodwork with all kinds of tools, no matter where the electrons come from.

We’ll work primarily with two blades, one straight and the other curved, to make spoons and chopsticks. The day will be adjusted to suit the skill level of the participants; more experienced carvers will be challenged to explore technique and process. Demonstrations, examples and stories will highlight different approaches to carving, design, and woodwork in general.

Class is limited to ten people to make sure there’s plenty of individual guidance and instruction. Don’t worry if you’ve never carved before, but what they say is true: “if you work with knives, you’ll get cut.” We’ll have band-aids, but participation is at your own risk. Basic hand-eye coordination is good, as well as hand strength (can you open that new jar of peanut butter?) You’ll also need to be willing and able to follow exact instructions (for safety as well as for getting your spoon done!)

Over the course of the day, there will be opportunities to discuss finding and working with different kinds of wood, tools and techniques, 3-D design, purchasing tools, sharpening, and maintenance, and options for finishing. Kiko will also have tools and blanks available for sale at the end of the class.

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Class Details

Class will be held outside on our farm and in our open outdoor kitchen. A delicious lunch will be served from the wood-fired oven at Long Table Farm, and eaten off of Kiko’s wooden spoons and bowls!

Necessary precautions will be in place to ensure appropriate social distancing and current Covid safe protocols will be in place.  Please indicate in the notes of your order if you have dietary restrictions and/or if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.

Price: $120, includes materials fee and tool rental (If the fee presents an obstacle for you, please email Eva and we’ll work something out.)

About the Instructor

Kiko Denzer

Kiko has been a friend and mentor to us at Long Table Farm for many years.  We are very inspired by his sculptural work in both wood and natural building as well as his skills as a teacher of craft! His commitment to folk arts also extends into the arts of storytelling, writing, and etymology which together help to provide a rich context for his work and our time together.

From Kiko: I have been a teaching artist for about 20 years; spoon carving since about 2010; I also turn bowls on a foot powered lathe. I started carving stone at ten, and went to Italy at 17 to carve marble. Bill Coperthwaite put a crooked knife in my hand during a 2007 yurt-building workshop. Few folks need a marble statue, but everyone needs a beautiful wooden spoon! I also publish at www.HandPrintPress.com and on Instagram, @kikodenzer @earth.oven