Fried Rice, Knife Skills and Knife Sharpening


Fried Rice is a delicious dish which can be a weekly family staple as well as a feature for a special occasion! It is a versatile pattern which combines proteins, vegetables, and rice into a complete one-pan meal with many variations. The successful preparation of Fried Rice requires a sharp knife, good knife skills and appreciation for the importance of mise en place before the ingredients all hit the hot fire. The class will start with a primer on sharpening knives with traditional wet stones and we will review important knife skills such as techniques for dicing onions, mincing ginger and garlic, cutting meat and vegetables for stir-fries. (Vegetarian option available.)  While the dish can be prepared in any large frying pan on a kitchen range, we will cook the dish in a wok on our wood-fired rocket stove. The fried rice will be served along with traditional Indonesian garnishes, pickled vegetables (acar), sambal, slaw and wine.

Students will dine on a delicious lunch in our outdoor kitchen.  (Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.)

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About the Instructor

Max Edleson spent the first 18 years of his life in Indonesia where Fried Rice is served in road-side stalls, on the tables of just about every family home, and in the finest of restaurants.

Max has cooked in many different contexts. His kitchen experience ranges from working in restaurants throughout the world including in Palo Alto and Paris, assisting in ceremonial feast preparations with villagers in Bali, cooking Parilla and Asado-style meals with Gauchos in Argentina, and regularly preparing meals from scratch for his family. Rather than measuring and buying the exact ingredients for a recipe, Max enjoys understanding the patterns behind cultural dishes and the harmonies between flavors to craft meals which are expressions of the exact moment in the season (or what happens to be in the fridge!).

As a craftsperson, Max believes that being able to sharpen a knife and working with a sharp knife are fundamental for any cook.  He looks forward to sharing insights on blade shape, sharpening techniques, and ingredient prep.

Class Details

Class will be held in an open, outdoor kitchen. Please arrive to class with your mask on. Necessary precautions will be in place to ensure appropriate social distancing. Tables will be distanced from each other and all participants will wear their masks except for when dining.

Participants are encouraged to register in groups of two or more. Please indicate in the notes of your order if you will be taking this class with a friend or family member who you can share a table with.

Date: May 2, 2021

Start time: 11:00 a.m.

End time: 02:30 p.m.

Venue: Long Table Farm – 89242 Fir Butte Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

Phone: 503-333-9042